The Digital print market is expected to reach $187.7 billion in this year, 2018. With this figure, we can understand the potential for a digital printing business.

But are you performing SEO strategies for your printing business?

Why need SEO for your printing website?


Regardless of the product/service, an online presence is helping business owners to attract more and more audience, share valuable information, increase trust and build a long-term relationship with the online users.

And, SEO (search engine optimization) will allow you make your website visible and create new ways of growing your online printing business.

Earlier search engine algorithms depended on Webmaster-provided information (for e.g. keyword Meta tags), however, there were some webmasters who started manipulating web rankings by stuffing irrelevant keywords, or even, excessive keywords.

The misuse of keyword density by webmasters to artificially rank (black-hat SEO practices) a website, search engines realized they started diverting users to irrelevant website page links.

Google then introduced its Google Penguin update that is aimed to evaluate websites and rankings in real-time.

Post Google Penguin update, you need not worry about the search engine manipulation as Google released this algorithm in an effort to identify black-hat SEO techniques and penalize websites by reducing their website rankings.

PageRank is an algorithm used by Google to finalize the ranking of websites in search engine result page.

What are the 5 basic SEO factors that will influence the search engine algorithm for raking your printing business website?

digital marketing1- Organic website traffic– This means, a user will type your printing business website address into the browser of the search engine page and enter your site.

Tip: Ensure you create a keyword-specific domain name, which means using keywords relevant to the print industry. This will make it easy for the user to easy to remember, type, as well as, share it with their users.

2- User session- This means, the amount of time spent by the user on your printing business website.

Tip: Images play an important role in attracting user’s attention and keeping them stuck to your site, therefore, the more images the more time users will tend to spend on your site. Ensure your images are of high-quality and immediate to load.

3- Website page per session- This means, the number of pages viewed by the users during a session. As per Google– a session last until 30 minutes of inactivity, however, you can adjust the session as per your requirements (seconds to several hours).

Tip: Link building strategy can help you earn maximum page per session for your website with internal link building techniques (linking pages of websites), however, linking your website pages with other relevant high domain authority websites will increase trust among users.

4- Website Bounce rate- This means, the user enters your website but leaves it immediately.

Tip: Your users will stick to your site, only if you allow them to do so. Therefore, the basic necessity to make your relevant users cling to your site is by ensuring a good website PageSpeed.

5- Mobile-friendly- This means, your user is able to easily access and browse your printing website pages. As of April 21, 2015, Google announced it will be expanding its use of mobile-friendly websites as a ranking signal.

Tip: Ensure your digital printing website serves the same HTML code (a markup language for creating web pages and web application) on the same URL irrelevant to your user’s device and its screen size. Responsive design is Google’s most recommended design pattern.

Wrapping up

There are many other SEO tactics that we will cover in our future blogs, however, the ones mentioned above will ensure you understand the SEO basics and perform SEO strategy for your printing business.

Digital marketing services for printing business can be a quick way to adopt printing company SEO service for your business, allowing you to make the most out of the print industry in this happy New Year 2018.

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